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Pastor Robert Kintchen

Pastor Robert Kintchen Jr.

Attributing God’s hand to being active in his life, Pastor Robert Kintchen, Jr. often recalls the many times his mother would pray for him miles away and he would literally feel God’s presence. Like so many, as a young man, Pastor Kintchen didn’t always make the right decisions. Yet, God used several community activists to help keep him in line and out of jail.

After being given a second chance, Pastor Kintchen landed in the US Army where he served dutifully for 21 years. During his tenure in the Army, Pastor Kintchen achieved the rank of Sergeant and learned a great deal about leadership and motivating people. He also learned what it meant to literally “stand in the gap” for someone else.

Fighting for his country made it an easy and necessary choice for Pastor Kintchen to fight for God. While in the army, serving a tour in Germany, he accepted the call to serve and was ordained a deacon and eventually a minister. Eager to serve God, Pastor Kintchen immersed himself in street evangelism, care for the sick, poor and elderly and in creating a loving and nurturing Christian environment for his friends and family in Christ. His aptitude for studying God’s word and serving the people would ultimately lead to his being ordained an elder in the Church of God In Christ and ultimately to founding and pastoring Christ Fellowship Church of God In Christ.

Pastor Kintchen’s ministry is built on the word of God and he ensures all that biblical principles are the foundation by which we should govern ourselves. He believes that God has made everything clear to us in His word and deviating from it is deviating from the protection and promises of God.

Pastor Kintchen continues to serve the community by actively participating on advisory boards and homeowner’s associations.

He is married to Goldie Kintchen and is the esteemed father of four: Robert Trevell Kintchen, Jr., Eugenia Katrice Kintchen, Latoka Smith and Jeremiah James Kintchen. Pastor Kintchen is also a loving grandfather, uncle, and brother.