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Pastor Robert Kintchen Jr.

Attributing God’s hand to being active in his life, Pastor Robert Kintchen, Jr. often recalls the many times his mother would pray for him miles away and he would literally feel God’s presence. Like so many, as a young man, Pastor Kintchen didn’t always make the right decisions. Yet, God used several community activists to […]

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Suzan Smith

Sister Suzan Smith Where are you from? (Country, City, State) Orange New Jersey Years with Christ Fellowship? 6 Ministry in charge of? Secretary of Choir Why that ministry? Vital importance. Favorite verse of the Bible? Psalm 23 Which biblical character do you identify most with? David What’s it like being a member of Christ Fellowship? Awesome. It’s the spiritual family […]

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Mother Brenda Durden

Mother Brenda H. Durden Where are you from? (Country, City, State) West Palm Beach, FL Years with Christ Fellowship? Since the beginning. Ministry in charge of? Youth, Mother’s Board Why that ministry? My passion is working with and for youth. They are our present and future church. They are a challenge but they keep me focused, young, and joyful. […]

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Whitney Rawls

Elder Whitney Rawls Where are you from? (Country, City, State) Pompano Beach, FL Years with Christ Fellowship? 7 Ministry in charge of? Media & Technology, Public Relations, Worship Arts Why that ministry? My background is technology & I’ve always had a passion for music, performing arts and graphic arts. It’s a natural fit for me. Other than that, I’m […]

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